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Brightening the road to recovery for pediatric cancer patients & their families.

Receiving treatment for cancer and other serious disorders can keep families in the hospital for weeks and months on end, a process that takes a toll on them physically, emotionally and financially. Your support of the Kid’s Cancer Buzz Off will ensure that children with cancer and their families receive the help they need at what is probably the most difficult time in their lives.

The following are vital programs and services funded by the Kid's Cancer Buzz Off:



Giving Smiles

Giving Assistance

Giving Comfort

Giving Support




Giving Smiles

Jimmy Fund Clinic Family Fun Festival

The Pediatric Activities program offers our youngest patients the opportunity to focus on reducing anxiety and stress through creative expression and communication activities which are vital as they bravely battle their disease. The festival includes swimming, police car rides, rock climbing, moon walking, bumper cars, and much more. Children leave having experienced a day of pure joy and laughter, and having been given a much needed break from their daily lives as children battling cancer. 

Treasure Chest

Kids who spend days and weeks away from home, relatives and friends need a diversion and fun; and of course a special treat every now and then.  One Mission purchases hundreds of toys each year to fill the treasure chest in our partnering hospitals.  Kids are welcome to go to the treasure chest to pick out something extra special for being so brave. The treasure chest helps “kids stay kids” while hospitalized.

Decorate My Room

The Dec My Room program provides a positive and healing atmosphere for sick kids.  This program is introduced to families when their children are at their most challenging point of treatment.  Volunteers decorate patient’s rooms with the child’s favorite colors, characters, toys, games, books and interests.  A child’s room is decorated when they are in surgery or in testing so that they come back to a welcoming and new positive environment.   With the help of One Mission, the rooms of over 300 patients will be decorated in 2014.  

Events & Celebrations

Special gatherings for patients and families provide them some much-needed respite from the daily toll of hospitalization.  Birthday parties, Sundae’s on Saturday’s, Movie nights and Special Outings are held regularly for patients and families.  Spending a birthday in the hospital isn’t fun for anyone, but a festive celebration with cake, friends, presents, and family helps cheer up patients and their families.  Several “mini wishes” for families enduring particularly long hospital stays are also granted.  Outings like Duck boat tours and museum visits are organized when a patient’s treatment permits.   Funding from One Mission enables these events and outings to take place regularly.

Beauty Days and Sports Days

Beauty days and sports days will be offered to patients during the year. The beauty days will feature all things related to fashion, pampering and even wig fittings. A photo with mom will help commemorate the beauty days. Professional athletes will make special visits to the hospital equipped with sports themed decorations and fun.

NG Tube Stickers

One Mission supplies hospitals with items that make the hospital experience less scary and more fun.  Items like character themed G-Tube covers, IV Pole Pads, and Brave Kids Capes just to name a few! 

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Giving Assistance

Parking Assistance  

Expensive parking in hospital garages can add immense financial burden to families. Each year, the Parking Assistance Program distributes 5,000 parking vouchers to over 250 families.  

Financial Assistance

One Mission has partnered with Family Reach to provide financial relief to families who have a child battling cancer and are struggling to make ends meet. Through our grant to Family Reach, we were able to help families cover everyday home bills that accumulate due to lost wages (mortgage, utilities, insurance), child care and palliative care just to name a few. We are very proud to say that funds raised by the Kid’s Cancer Buzz Off were able to bring relief to 34 families who are coping with the financial challenges of cancer.

Each family had its own personal story of hope and challenge, and each felt the generosity and kindness afforded by this gift. Read the stories of the families One Mission helped.

Research Grants

Research is the key to a cure for pediatric cancer and 90% of its funding comes from philanthropy. Statistics show that pediatric cancer receives less research dollars from the Federal Government than many other diseases. New breakthroughs and advancements in the treatment of pediatric cancer are saving the lives of our children. However, far too many kids are still losing their battle while others must endure painful treatments and lengthy hospital stays as they fight this disease. That is why One Mission supports cutting-edge research by dedicated doctors who are leading their field in finding more targeted and less toxic therapies for cancer and blood diseases.

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Giving Comfort

Caregiver Relaxation

Parents of sick children often forget to take time for their own health and mood and can feel guilty if they do. One Mission grants funding to a series of events aimed at reducing stress and promoting physical and emotional wellness.  These include, relaxation activities including massages, yoga, reiki and acupressure.   Books, brochures, music CDs about relaxation techniques are also available for parents and caregivers. This year, One Mission funded over 75 wellness events for parents and caregivers. 

Social Gatherings

Food brings people together, so it’s no surprise that dinners and lunches hosted by One Mission are always a big hit for patients and their families. Events like pizza, pasta and taco nights and parent lunches are widely anticipated by patients and staff alike. There’s always music and a festive atmosphere for families to enjoy. This year, One Mission hosted over 65 communal meals.


On average, pediatric cancer patients and their parents spend a minimum of 45 days and some up to two years living at the hospital. To make things more comfortable, convenient and cost effective for families; One Mission has donated a mini-refrigerator to each patient who is living on the Pediatric Oncology Floor at Boston Children's Hospital.

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Giving Support

B.E.A.D.S. (Beading Each A Different Story)

Oncology patients receive a specific bead to represent an important procedure or event in their treatment. The children string their beads together to give them a sense of achievement and help them to cope with the numerous procedures and treatments they must endure as they fight to get better.  One Mission was able to supply beads to over 250 new oncology/hematology patients this past year.     

Caregiver Connections

Caregiver nights are offered to give parents and caregivers the opportunity to interact with people who are going through similar situations and experiences so they can support one another, share ideas and learn from each other.    One Mission supports a variety of activities for caregivers throughout the year such as a parent coffee hour, painting classes and social events with appetizers, sparkling juice and music. Child life staff and volunteers will entertain patients while their parents take a well-deserved break.   One Mission funded over 24 Caregiver Connections in 2013. 

Family Education/Parent Bags

One Mission funds the development and production of educational books that provide relevant and up-to-date information to each newly diagnosed family to help them learn about their child’s illness and understand the treatment their child is about to undergo.  One Mission also supplies parent bags filled with toiletries and gift cards to parents of newly diagnosed patients.  One Mission’s gift provided over 300 parent bags and educational books to families of newly diagnosed Hematology/Oncology patients.

Resource Room - Boston Children’s Hospital

Receiving treatment for cancer and other serious disorders can keep families in the hospital for weeks and months on end, a process that takes a toll on their emotions. One Mission’s annual funding of the programs and staff of the Family Resource Room at Boston Children’s Hospital ensures that families who pass through the Hematology, Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant, Neuro-oncology and Intensive Care units have the help they need at what is probably the most difficult time in their lives. 

Just for Tweens

Provides adolescent patients, ages 8-12, with special activities specifically designed for this age group such as scrap booking, jewelry making and art that encourage peer socialization and support. It acts as a forum for patients to share their illness and coping experiences, and promotes self-esteem and self-care.  This program helps 50-60 patients each year. 

Child Life Specialists

The Child Life Specialists use play as a way to help patients express fears or concerns, and understand the hospital environment. They provide activities and entertainment, and arrange tutors for children who miss school.  One Mission helps to fund the salary of child life specialists at our partnering hospitals.

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